Need clarification on travel suspension directive

I would like to seek clarification from the authorities on the temporary suspension of travel from India to Brunei Darussalam.

The directive issued on April 27 stated that “the temporary suspension of approvals on the entry for foreign nationals departing from or through the Republic of India and exit country approvals to India” which came into force on April 27, until May 24.

My question is: If a foreign national departs from India and arrives in a third country and spends at least two weeks there, will that person be allowed to enter Brunei from the third country, provided that the person has also been tested negative for COVID-19 in that third country?

The directive also mentioned that the suspension order is in force for foreign nationals departing from India and arriving in Brunei on both direct flights from India and non-direct flights (transiting through other countries).

But it does not address those who originally depart from India but have spent a considerable amount of time (at least a fortnight) in a third country before arriving in Brunei. Will the authorities consider approving the Entry Travel Pass for such travellers, especially if they are COVID-negative?

I hope the authorities could provide the much-needed clarification on this matter.

Stranded Traveller