Nature lovers explore Bukit Lalah

|     Aziz Idris     |

SOME 22 nature lovers recently organised a recreational weekend hike at a newly discovered hill of Bukit Lalah in Kampong Lugu National Housing Scheme, Tutong.

The afternoon activity lasted for almost three hours covering a distance of 2.64km through jungle trails with terrains of different elevations.

The group picked up new skills along the tracks by experienced members. They were shown various types of flora and fauna as well the wildlife surrounding the area.

Upon reaching the top of Bukit Lalah, the group was rewarded with a picturesque sight of Lugu Lake, turquoise freshwater lake that overlooks the national housing scheme.

According to one of the avid hikers, Bukit Lalah is under the Village Consultative Council (MPK) in Lugu and could be favoured as the next recreational spot after the Lugu Lake.

Avid hikers are advised to familiarise with the trails inside the jungle before entering Bukit Lalah and to always travel in groups.

The track is also ideal for amateur hikers. However, it is also important to bring along a basic first-aid kit as a precautionary safety measure.

The group of nature lovers encouraged the public to participate in healthy outdoor activities while exploring the beautiful nature spots in the country and always practise safety as well as to be kind to the environment.

Nature lovers in a group photo. – AZIZ IDRIS