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Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Thursday, August 11, 2022
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    Natural oxygen boosters

    ANN/THE STATESMAN – We rush to the mountains and away from the metropolitan cities to take breathe of fresh air at any sign of vacation. Those who live in the urban cities are deprived of clean air.

    They look for techniques and equipment to instal in their homes to at least breathe pollutant-free air when they are indoors.

    There are many natural sources of fresh air which can enhance the air quality without the use of electricity or technology.

    These natural air fresheners are quite in demand today due to deteriorating air quality – yes, these are the Indoor plants or houseplants which are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also nature’s boosters of oxygen supply.

    Nevertheless, it is important to pick the right plants that can thrive indoors and grow well with basic care and watering.

    Here are the list of low-maintenance indoor plants to consider,


    This ornamental plant is an excellent air purifier. An easy-to-maintain indoor plant that thrives in low light, it absorbs toxins and chemicals from the air and converts carbon dioxide into oxygen.


    This common indoor plant which can be found in every house and is easy to grow and maintain.

    The money plant improves air quality in the house and creates a harmonious environment that also brings prosperity.


    Aloe vera thrives in indoor settings. It is a great house plant because it looks good. You can use the gel for beauty and health purposes, and it is practically maintenance-free.

    The succulent will need a sunny window and need watering only when the soil is dry.


    This extremely versatile indoor plant, is known to absorb xylene and ammonia from the air.

    It’s actually a lily plant, that has unique veined flowers in a variety of colours. It can also make your interior beautiful with its bright coloured flowers.


    With the verdant green shroud of leaves, ferns are among the most preferred indoor plants.

    They need a moderate level of sunlight and moist soil to grow well.


    The plant can mostly take care of itself. Its green spiky leaves make a contrast both in colour and structure.

    You can place it on your kitchen counter or display them on as your balcony as hanging plants.


    Bamboo is a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. It has thin stalks that resemble the real bamboo tree.

    Often grown in soil for longevity, though many gardeners grow them in a glass vase filled with water and pebbles also as decoration.

    This plant grows best in bright light but can tolerate low light environments as well.

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