National Israk Mikraj celebration on March 11

Rokiah Mahmud

Brunei Darussalam will observe Israk Mikraj celebration for 1442 Hijrah at the national level on March 11.

The event will be held at Jame’ ‘Asr Hassanil Bolkiah in Kiarong carrying the theme Sembahyang Teras Kecemerlangan Umat (Prayer is the core towards the excellence of Ummah).

Programmes will include a special lecture and an interactive Al-Quran recitation prior to the main event.

Guest will be required to register via the BruHealth app; perform ablution prior to heading to the mosque, wear face masks and bring their own prayer mats; have their temperature taken; have access to hand sanitiser; practise social distancing; and avoid shaking hands with others. Female congregants, children and those feeling unwell are disallowed to participate in the event.