National Day celebrations in Cardiff

The Brunei Students Society Cardiff (BRUSCA) organised an event in conjunction with Brunei’s 36th National Day celebration last Sunday. The event started at 4pm in Windsor House accommodation where 15 students from BRUSCA attended. Members donned traditional Malay clothes and clothing in the Brunei flag colours. The food prepared by the students was in the theme of Bruneian food such as Kek Batik and Popia Ubi.

The event started with Asar prayer and proceeded to dinner. The BRUSCA committee prepared games and activities for the members.

They were divided into three groups of four people. The first game was ‘Guess the Bruneian word’ where the committee gave a definition of a word such as Lalah and Mulih. The students competed by giving the right answer. The first group that got it right received points.

The next game was ‘Guess the meaning of this Simpulan/Peribahasa‘ which consisted of idioms such as Pembasuh mulut and Sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit.

The final game was ‘Pantun Wars’ where the teams needed to create their own poem under the theme Menjayakan  Wawasan Negara.

The committee gave prizes to the winning teams. Extra prizes were given to the best-dressed members who followed the Bruneian theme. The event concluded with Doa Kesyukuran recited by Muhammad Aqil bin Awang.

BRUSCA members with the Brunei flag. PHOTO: BRUSCA