National basketball league to start on April 16

Fadhil Yunus

The much-anticipated 5.11 National Basketball League will be held on April 16, the Brunei Basketball Association (BBA) announced last night.

In previous years, participation to the 5.11 National Basketball League were limited to district teams only. However, this year, Brunei Basketball Association is inviting other basketball teams to register for the National Basketball League.

The 5.11 National Basketball League will feature both men’s and women’s categories. The men’s category is open to citizens and permanent residents only.

To further reinforce BBA’s focus on developing the future of Brunei basketball, each participating team in the men’s category must have at least five players under the age of 23. This is to ensure younger players have the opportunity to play competitive basketball under guidance of more experience players and coaches.

Registration forms are available at BBA Basketball Court in Batu Bersurat. The closing date is March 31.