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Myanmar students learn Chinese calligraphy during summer vacation

YANGON (XINHUA) – Some students in Myanmar have spent much of the summer vacation learning Chinese calligraphy at the China Cultural Center in Yangon.

Myintzu Theint, 25, has been learning brush calligraphy at the centre.

“I’m happy to learn Chinese calligraphy here. I’m very interested in the Chinese language,” she told Xinhua on Tuesday, the final day of the Chinese calligraphy class.

“It is my first time of using a brush in writing. I feel calmer and more concentrated in writing the Chinese character strokes by a brush,” she said.

Myintzu said that she is interested not only in the Chinese calligraphy but also in the Chinese-style cooking, singing Chinese songs and performing traditional Chinese dances.

She started to learn the Chinese language about seven years ago.

“I get new experience by learning Chinese calligraphy. After learning it, I want to make decorations at home with it,” she said.

A girl practices Chinese calligraphy during a summer class at the China Cultural Center in Yangon, Myanmar. PHOTO: XINHUA

“I feel satisfied and happy when I’m able to write Chinese characters with a brush.”

Wang Sate Maine, 20, is another Myanmar student attending the brush calligraphy class offered by the China Cultural Center.

“I came here as my Chinese language teacher recommended me to attend the class,” she said, adding that another reason for joining the class is that her Chinese character handwriting is not good enough.

“Now, my handwriting has improved a lot,” she said. “Learning calligraphy requires patience. I’m getting more patient now. One day, I want to give brush calligraphy lessons to the children in my village,” Wang added.

Wang said that she is also attracted to the Chinese culture. She likes the Chinese-style cooking, the Chinese-style flower arrangement and the traditional Chinese paper cutting.

Saw Alex Htoo has attended the calligraphy class for using a pen in writing at the China Cultural Center.

“I’m very interested in the Chinese language as well as the Chinese culture. Therefore, I joined the class here,” he said.

The 16-year-old Myanmar student said he has a plan to study in China in the future. “I’m trying to do my best despite some difficulties.”

Chen Ming Qing is another participant in the Chinese calligraphy class.

“I’m interested in Chinese literature, and I performed traditional Chinese dance during the New Year celebrations,” he noted.

“It demands staying focussed and concentrated to write Chinese character strokes. It’s my first time trying Chinese calligraphy. Therefore, I have had some difficulties in the writing,” said Chen, who has a plan to make Chinese calligraphy gifts to surprise his Chinese friends.

The China Cultural Center in Yangon on March 24 launched summer courses on the Chinese culture, including the two calligraphy classes for using a brush or a pen in writing. Each class has 15 students aged 12-25.

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