Muslims urged not to be distracted by worldly pleasures

Azlan Othman

The Friday sermon yesterday touched on the importance and benefits of contemplating death.

“It softens the heart towards repentance and restrains one from committing sin, evil deeds and vice; encourages us to enhance our piety and good deeds; extinguishes our love for the world; prevents us from being greedy for worldly goods; and teaches us to be humble, modest and kind,” said Imams while delivering the sermon. “As Muslims, we certainly hope to die in a state of Husnul Khotimah (blissful end). To obtain Husnul Khotimah, we must obey the commands of Allah the Almighty and His prohibitions. We are also encouraged to constantly pray to Allah the Almighty that our lives end in faith and devotion.

“Muslims should be aware that those who do not think of death are always in a loss. Do not be distracted by guile and worldly pleasures but strive to increase our faith and devotion to Allah the Almighty. Let us repent and worship without further delay, because we do not know when death will come – maybe today or tomorrow.

“Let us all pray together that the end of our lives will fall within the category of Husnul Khotimah, with the opportunity to repent before death, receive mercy from Allah the Almighty upon death, gain forgiveness from Allah after death, obtain happiness on the day of judgement, and saved from the punishments of hell with Allah the Almighty’s blessings.”