Multitasking reduces work productivity

UNEMPLOYMENT is an issue for our country.

We cannot fully blame jobseekers for being choosy either.

Those who hold more than one job or positions (in both public and private sectors) should also shoulder the blame and are obliged to play a role in solving the issue.

These people are considered good at multitasking.

However, this can be considered selfish.

By holding on to multiple jobs, they limit the opportunities for those skilled but unemployed.

Even then, those who are unskilled can be trained to do what should be expected of them.

People should stick to having one position to avoid the drawbacks of multitasking.

Multitasking increases the cognitive load which in turn stresses the brain.

It brings about lack of attention and focus on the job that we are supposed to do, especially when the job entails the comfort and convenience of members of the public who need to be served.

Multitasking also causes fatigue and restlessness which in turn reduces efficiency.

We should change our mindset of multitasking at workplaces if we want to achieve Vision 2035.

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