MTIC announces procedures for tinted windows

Aziz Idris

The Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications (MTIC) announced the correct procedures to submit application for installing solar film on vehicle windows.

According to the Road Traffic (Amendment) Regulations 1981, the light entry rate for a single vehicle should be no lower than 70 per cent for vehicle mirrors. Any visibility barrier such as curtains, shades or stickers are not permitted for vehicles on the road.

In a press statement, the Land Transport Department (JPD) said the control of the use of solar film on vehicles is more towards the importance of maintaining road safety which stems from any obstruction of the driver’s vision.

Since January 2017, JPD has grantedpermission for the installation of solar film on vehicles provided that the light penetration rate is not less than 70 per cent and the solar film standards must comply with institutions standards set by the British and Japanese.

Six active companies of solar film suppliers have been given permission to supply solar films in the country.

Among the procedures to follow include bringing vehicles to solar film supplier companies authorised by JPD along with a copy of the registration book to make an application.

Solar film companies will also need to review the application and check the condition of the windshield using a dedicated metre device.

A tamper-proof seal holographic sticker will be placed on each tinted window as a sign of identification. The applicant will also have to bring the vehicle to the Vehicle Inspection Centre (VIC) for inspections and this will be recorded into the Land Transport System (SPD) and printed on the vehicle registration book.

The six authorised companies are Pro Wheel Auto Company, Boustead Sdn Bhd, YKF Master Sound, Seng Hoe Huat Auto Accessories Service Co, EE’s Electronic and Teleshop Enterprise and Armorshield Auto (B) Sdn Bhd.

JPD reminded the public to abide by the road rules adding that action will be taken on those committing any offences.