Mouth-watering Bruneian delicacies with a ‘touch’ of turmeric

|     Azlan Othman     |

THE Rizqun Coffee House restaurant is promoting Bruneian delicacies featuring food and drinks made from Kunyit or turmeric till the end of this month.

Patrons can enjoy the local dishes including spicy turmeric rice, Nasi Ulam Kunyit Berempah, the coconut shoots or Sayur Umbut and special blend Italian Turmeric Spaghetti.

The restaurant also offers the traditional Air Asam Kunyit or tumeric drink blended with tamarind that can help to reinvigorate and fight minor ailments like cough or flu.

For soup, The Rizqun Coffee House comes up with tasty coconut-milk Tahai soup. Also available are the Ambuyat cuisine along with various sorts of side dishes, Pais or marinated beef, Otak-Otak (fish cake) Ikan Rebus (fish soup) turmeric prawn, gravy beef, grilled lamb and chicken curry to name a few.

Marinated beef or Pais and grilled lamb on offer. – AZLAN OTHMAN