Motivational programme aims to develop winning mind-set

Fadhil Yunus

Twenty-six participants comprising national coaches, assistant coaches and part-time coaches under the Department of Youth and Sports attended a motivational programme entitled ‘Sport Psychology Workshop for Coaches Winning Mindset’ at the Lecture Theatre of the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium in Berakas yesterday.

The motivational programme aimed at providing knowledge and understanding to the coaches about how to develop their mind-set or how to think like a champion.

Education Officer at the Sports Council Secretariat of the Co-Curriculum Education Department, Ministry of Education (MoE) Haji Othman bin Haji Jaidin conducted the programme.

Through the programme, coaches will gain an understanding that the success of a sport comes 80 per cent from mind-set and 20 per cent from strategy, as highlighted by Tony Robbins in 2017.

Coaches will also have awareness that to succeed, acquiring a strong winning mind-set is important and a must to achieve success as well as being able to learn ways on how to develop a winning mind-set theoretically and practically. The programme will help improve the quality level of the coach’s mind-set and provide an impact towards improving the performance of coaches and athletes.

It will also assist coaches to produce athletes who are constantly psychologically ready to participate in any competition.

The motivational programme was organised by the Department of Youth and Sports through the Coaching and Sports Development Unit, Sports Section with the cooperation of the Sports Council Secretariat, Co-Curriculum Education Department under the MoE.

A group photo during the programme. PHOTO: MINISTRY OF CULTURE, YOUTH AND SPORTS