Morocco Mall inaugurates Chinese themed shopping festival

RABAT (Xinhua) – The Morocco Mall, located in Casablanca launched the Chinese themed shopping festival on Thursday.

The Morocco Mall is one of the largest shopping centres in the country.

At the opening ceremony, martial arts performances presented by Shaolin monks, and face-changing and fire-breathing performances by Chinese Sichuan opera performers won applause from thousands of spectators.

General Manager of Morocco Mall Nicolas Dubreuil told Xinhua that the Chinese themed shopping festival will last until mid-August, during which the mall will host performances with Chinese characteristics every day.

Dubreuil said that China’s influence is getting bigger, and Chinese culture became attractive to the Moroccan people.

A dragon sculpture is seen in front of the Morocco Mall in Casablanca. – XINHUA

The shopping centre decided to hold the shopping festival this year, the manager said, adding that he believes that this summer, Chinese elements will bring more popularity to the mall.

To highlight the Chinese themed atmosphere, a large dragon sculpture was placed at the main entrance of the shopping centre.

The interior of the shopping centre was also decorated with pagodas and lanterns.

The mall has set up 20 Chinese product booths, displaying bamboo flutes, Chinese fans, scarves and other handicrafts with rich Chinese characteristics.

The third floor of the shopping centre also has a Chinese theme photo exhibition.