Moria token launched on IDEX international exchange

KUALA LUMPUR (BERNAMA) – Moria Token (MOR), the world’s first ERC-20 compliant token sponsored by a United States (US)-based gold mine, announced its launch on the trading platform, one of the world’s most advanced de-centralised cryptocurrency exchanges.

According to a statement, members of the international community who register as IDEX customers can now trade Moria Token (MOR) on the IDEX international exchange.

“We’ve been very impressed with IDEX’s customer support, platform ease of use, their forward-looking innovation, and growth potential. We believe this will provide an avenue to liquidity for our international investors,” said GS Mining Company Chief Executive Officer Deborah King.

The Moria Token (Moria) symbol MOR, representing an interest in certain royalties generated from each of the Bates Hunter Mine, the Clay County Mine, the Becker Bates, the Gregory-Bates, the Black Eagle Mill, and the Golden Gilpin Mill in Colorado and any additional mines or mills purchased or developed by GS Mining Company LLC.

Moria is the world’s only royalty paying token based on production revenue by a mining company operating a gold mine in the US, offering holders the opportunity to gain from the trading value of the Tokens themselves, as well as in royalties generated from the gold mining revenue.