More than just a sweet scent

Rizal Faisal

More and more micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) have begun to pop up adding to the brew of the vibrant concoction that is local homemade industry, creating a healthy local business eco-system.

When it comes to home-born products, more often than not there are inspiring personal stories leading to the start of these businesses.

This can also be said for Filya Safian, whose story started in 2014. Filya, who has since become a full-time working mother, still wants to provide the best choices of home care for her family.

When she started, Filya, married with two kids, looked into natural concoctions of essential oils for her own children, specifically the youngest who would put up a challenge during bed time.

She started researching leading her to whip up a perfect bed time rub formulation that helped her daughter have an undisturbed sleep. By this time, Filya shared her home concoctions with family and friends, resulting in positive and heart-warming feedback.

This led her to help others by promoting healthier, natural choices of essential oils through her homemade products.

Eventually, she had people requesting that she make personal preferences. She made small batches leading the products being made available at local stores. By 2018, the essential oils come under the trading name FS Apothecary.

Filya said they use “only the finest organic ingredients to create authentic, healthy alternatives”.

Alhamdulillah, every day is a new adventure as I learn more about healing herbs, oils and sustainable practices, and I could not accomplish any of this without my customers’ support,” Filya said.

The hand blended rubs and creams range from ‘Vapour Rub’ used as a chest rub or on feet and nose bridge for coughs, stuffy nose or sore throat to ‘Eczema Flare Relief’ cream to keep the skin moisturised and relieve itchy symptoms with anti-eczema properties.

Also churned out are concocted essential oils using natural ingredients ranging from a ‘Sleep Soundly Blend’ which may help relax and relieve mental tension aiding the onset of the sleep cycle, to an ‘Easy Breathe Blend’ which may help clear head and nose as well as uplifting the spirit.

Filya said her products, bottled in Australia, are made from the finest quality available to her and undergo stringent independent tests via gas chromatography, optical rotation, refractive index, specific gravity and colour and odour profile.

The essential oils can be used in diffusers, vaporisers, baths or even diluted with carrier oils for massage.

“Diffusing pure essential oils is the safest and easiest way to gain their benefits.

“Ultrasonic diffusers disperse pure essential oil molecules into the air. When inhaled, the molecules are absorbed into the body and can have a profound effects= on both physical and emotional states including calming the mind, promoting sleep, and uplifting the mind and body.

“Ultrasonic diffusers work on the vibration of water rather than heat, making it safe to use in any setting, even when sleeping,” Filya said.

She also mentioned that another way to use essential oils is by inhalation.

Filya highly recommends using essential oils in the bath.

“Bathing is the most beautiful and nurturing method of use in the practice of aromatherapy.

“All the senses are engaged in this practice and the mind and body are totally relaxed as the pure essential oils enter the body.

“Not all oils are suitable for use in the bath. Avoid using herbaceous essential oils such as lemongrass, they are very stimulating and may irritate the skin,” she said.

Meanwhile, the simplest and on-the-go method is the ‘Tissue Method’, said Filya. “Add one to three drops of pure essential oils to a tissue paper. Inhale deeply.”

“Our diverse and synergistic blends utilise carefully selected essences working in harmony to promote physical and emotional wellbeing,” she added.