More than 1,300 drug suspects arrested in northern Thailand in three months

BANGKOK (XINHUA) – Thailand’s drug suppression bureau told the media yesterday that Thai authorities have arrested 1,374 suspects and seized drugs in the Thai northern region with an estimated THB535 million (USD17.1 million) in a three-month crackdown from April to June.

“The most typical of all drugs seized is crystal methamphetamine,” said Office of Narcotic Control Board (ONCB) Secretary-General Niyom Termsrisuk.

He said there has been a major influx of crystal methamphetamine this year as a result of the heavy suppression in Myanmar.In July, 40 big bags containing 1,200kg of crystal methamphetamine were discovered inside cow dung sacks in a six wheeler truck in Thailand’s Southern Province of Surat Thani.

Niyom said three suspects were arrested and they confessed that the meth came from Thai north bordering Myanmar. Crystal methamphetamine is being trafficked through Thailand more frequently and in larger quantities because drug stocks have piled up at the production bases along the Thai-Myanmar border, Termsrisuk said.