More needs to be done to combat fly infestation

The report, ‘Keep surrounding clean to be free from flies, villagers told’ in the Borneo Bulletin on May 14 caught my attention.

I highlighted the issue of fly infestation in Kampong Tanjong Nangka a few years back. Now, it appears that Kampong Masin and Kampong Pengkalan Batu are facing the same problem.

I wish I could report that it’s a thing of the past in my area, it’s simply not true; as a matter of fact, it has grown worse over the years.

In Kampong Tanjong Nangka, we have taken multiple steps to combat fly infestation but to no avail. As long as the animal farms remain in our area, I don’t think the problem can be resolved.

I think the authorities have been very lenient with the farmers, allowing them to operate without a proper waste management in place.

The unhygienic conditions have attracted swarms of flies to our area, inconveniencing residents. At this point, we can’t even open a window without inviting flies into our residence.

As we are fighting the spread of COVID-19, there is an overlooked epidemic that is slowly infesting the country: flies. I hope the authorities will look into this matter and address it once and for all.

Awang Tuah