More and more people ignoring health guidelines

It has been less than two months into the second wave of COVID-19 and I’m starting to see more nonchalant attitude towards the health guidelines set up by the authorities.

When it was first announced that we had detected fresh local transmissions in over a year, people jumped back into action, wearing masks and social distancing. Even at supermarkets, you could see the long queue of people scanning themselves in. Fast forward merely a few weeks and I now see people entering premises without even taking their phones out. In some places, there is even an absence of a staff member at the entrance.

This is especially true at certain launderettes. While most of them are following the standard operating procedures closely, a small number are leaving their premises unmanned. There’s no way of knowing that all customers scan their QR codes.

The worst case scenario is a red-coded person using the facilities as it is in his or her neighbourhood, knowing that the laundrette is unsupervised.

I want to believe that we are in this COVID fight together. However, judging from the news that broke out of people having mass gatherings, I wonder if perhaps the only way to keep irresponsible people from creating yet another cluster is to impose an even harsher punishment on them.

Rimba Observer