Moose on the loose forcibly evicted from Utah neighbourhood

UPI – Police in Utah were summoned to a residential neighbourhood to help eject an unusual trespasser: a 900-pound bull moose.

Centerville Police said officers were called last Sunday morning to keep the moose away from neighbourhood residents while awaiting personnel from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR).

“There’s so many people who were out walking. Walking their dogs. Walking with their families to church, things like that,” Officer Troy Cash told KTVX-TV. “I’m just like ‘Please don’t let anybody be in the path of this moose’ because I’ve encountered moose myself up in the mountains and sometimes they’re not very nice. They’re dangerous animals.”

Cash and officer Alex Farnes were able to corner the moose in a back yard.

“He was grumpy,” Cash said. “He put his head down and was actually coming at one of the DWR guys. He hopped over a fence and I ran back to my vehicle because we were like ‘We don’t know what he was going to do’.” The DWR was able to tranquilise the two-year-old moose and safely relocate the animal to a safe place outside of town.