Mom’s ‘lazy’ chocolate cake uses three ingredients and takes 10 minutes to make

DAILY STAR – Do you struggle in the kitchen?

This “lazy” answer to baking could be the perfect solution for you.

Mom-of-three Walla Abu-Eid came up with a simple way to make chocolate cake.

The home baker uses just three ingredients to throw together the sweet treat, which takes just 10 minutes to prepare before you pop it in the freezer.

On Instagram, the foodie wrote: “Lazy cake, the lazy way… using three ingredients only!

“I thought of making this using ganache instead of the traditional butter/sugar/cocoa/condensed milk method. I also decided to change it up by using three different type of biscuits instead of one.. it turned out delish!”

Walla outlined her simple method on Instagram.


600ml double cream

700ml milk chocolate

Three packets of biscuits of your choice – Walla used Biscoff, chocolate ripple and milk coffee


Gently melt your cream and chocolate over a pan of simmering water.

Make sure you use a heat-proof bowl to do this.

Break your biscuits up into chunky pieces and combine with your chocolatey mixture.

Line a tray or loaf tin with cling film, before pouring in all your mixture.

Freeze until firm, before moving to the fridge once it’s set.


The ‘lazy’ chocolate cake. PHOTO: DAILY STAR