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Man jailed nine months for molesting seven-year-old girl

A 67-year-old local, charged with molesting a seven-year-old girl earlier this month, pleaded guilty on Tuesday and was sentenced to nine months’ jail the following day.

Magistrate Mohammad Marzuqi bin Sabtu heard from the prosecution that the defendant was at the carpark in front of the Lapau building on the night of August 30. He was helping his friend at a bumper car stall.

The defendant saw the victim and a friend sitting on a rock and approached them asking what they were doing. He asked if they had been to Tamu Selera, to which the victim said no. The defendant then took the victim’s hand and brought her to a dark hut near Tamu Selera while the victim’s friend stayed behind.

In the hut, the defendant asked the victim to sit next to him before he began molesting her.

Once he was done, the defendant brought the victim back to the rock and went back to the bumper car stall.

The victim reported the incident to her parents, who were also stall operators.

The victim’s father then confronted the defendant. After the defendant admitted to it, police were contacted, leading to his arrest. – Fadley Faisal


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