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Moldova security talks on blasts in separatist region

CHISINAU (AFP) – The president of ex-Soviet Moldova yesterday convened a meeting of the country’s security council after a series of blasts in the separatist Transnistria region.

The breakaway region, which borders western Ukraine, saw explosions hit its Security Ministry on Monday and a radio tower yesterday morning.

The press service of President Maia Sandu said she was set to hold a meeting of the country’s Supreme Security Council “in connection with the incidents in the Transnistria region”. The meeting started at 1pm followed by a press briefing at 3pm.

Two explosions hit a radio tower re-broadcasting Russian stations near the Ukrainian border early yesterday, the Interior Ministry of the breakaway region said.

“Early on April 26, two explosions were heard in the village of Mayak in Grigoriopolsky district,” it said in a statement.

It said the blasts at 6.40am and 7.05am targetted the “Mayak” radio centre, about 50 kilometres north of the regional capital Tiraspol.

The ministry said two “powerful” antennae that were re-broadcasting Russian radio were out of order, and shared images of them lying on the ground.

There were no injuries, it added.This came after the Transnistrian authorities said the offices of the State Security Ministry in Tiraspol were hit by what appeared to be a grenade-launcher attack on Monday evening. No one was injured in the incident, which happened at around 6pm on a public holiday.