MoH always ready to assist those needing mental health support

WITH reference to the letter titled ‘Talking about suicidal thoughts can help find a solution’ by ‘Pg Abd Rahman’ published in the Opinion page of Borneo Bulletin on August 25, 2018, the Ministry of Health (MoH) thanks the writer for taking an interest on issues related to suicidal thoughts and the services offered by the MoH in relation to it.

MoH would like to explain and provide further clarification regarding this matter.

Alhamdulillah, MoH has always provided services to help anyone in need of mental health support, promotion, assessment and treatment via its community health services, school health promotion services, psychology services and psychiatry services in the country, which includes helping those who have suicidal thoughts.

In addition, access to psychiatry services is available 24 hours a day via the Emergency Department (ED) on top of scheduled appointments.

For the benefit of the public or suicidal victims, information on these services can be obtained by several means, one of which is by calling the Darussalam line 123.

The operators will be able to redirect and provide the contact numbers and location of services to assist those in need.

With the recent increase in the number of suicidal cases reported this year, MoH is reviewing and considering the implementation of several additional services including the setup of the helpline.

However, to operationalise the helpline and ensure that its function meets its objectives, several aspects and logistics need to be met for MoH to provide an effective service to its users.

MoH will provide an update to the public once the helpline is operational.

MoH encourages public discussions on mental health as a way to increase public awareness and understanding.

MoH appreciates Pg Abd Rahman’s opinions about suicidal thoughts and depression, as this shows how the voice of the public is as important as the ones behind the ministry.

MoH would like to reaffirm its advice to the public that should anyone experience any suicidal thoughts, talking to someone you trust helps or seek help from a doctor at the nearest health centre or hospital.

Walk-in clinics to see a psychologist are also available and referral to the psychiatry can also be arranged if needed.

As part of our continuous effort to improve our service to the public, MoH would like to invite the public to contact us directly through Darussalam line 123; email us at; or visit our Facebook/Instagram @MOHBrunei, for any concern or feedback.

– Pengiran Anuar bin Pengiran Rambli
Head of Corporate Communications
Level 2, Ministry of Health Building
Commonwealth Drive, Brunei Darussalam