MoE strives to bring quality education for students

THE Ministry of Education (MoE) refers to the letter ‘Local schools should be encouraged to breed quality, educated students’ by Awangku A published in the Opinion page of the Borneo Bulletin on April 17, 2019, regarding the discipline, professionalism and quality of education in government schools.

The MoE has taken various steps and efforts to enhance students’ performance and teacher’s competencies through multiple avenues to ensure that government schools in Brunei Darussalam achieve a benchmark equivalent to international standards..

As part of the effort, the ministry has implemented the ‘Whole School Evaluation (WSE)’ which aims to evaluate and monitor government schools all over the country in four main domains similar to international school standards which are: Leadership and Management, Teaching and Learning, Ethos and Environment and Students Learning Outcomes.

In terms of teachers and students discipline and professionalism, a variety of programmes have been introduced among government schools to mould well-rounded individuals.

It is the ministry’s desire to develop students holistically to realise our aspiration of Vision 2035.

Additionally, MoE has also developed the Brunei Teachers Standard (BTS) which is based on international standards to ascertain high quality teachers.

The Literacy and Numeracy Coaching Programme (LNCP) is also introduced aiming to create more local experts and professionals in teaching. It is envisioned that these professionals will be the future trainers for new teachers.

In many extra-curricular activities, students and teachers are actively involved locally, regionally and internationally to enhance their learning and teaching skills as well as a sense of independence and self-discipline.

These activities are either initiated by schools themselves or facilitated by the ministry such as the School Twinning Programme (STP) between schools in the ASEAN region and School Immersion Programme (Lawatan Sambil Belajar dari Delegasi Luar Negara).

Schools have also received invitations annually from various regional and international organisers for students to participate and compete in academic and non-academic competitions.

These include STEP-NUS Sunburst Brain Camp, Singapore and recently The 1st SEAMEO Science Olympiad 2019, Malaysia where in both competitions, our government school students won medals for their research papers and talents/abilities.

To recognise outstanding students, the ministry has also organised the Excellent Students Awarding Ceremony (Anugerah Pelajar Cemerlang [APC]).

At present, students from government schools are among the top who have received the Cambridge Outstanding Achiever Awards (COAA) which include Top In The World and Top Ten In The World category in Brunei Cambridge General Certificate of Examination (BC GCE) ‘A’, ‘AS’ and ‘O’ Levels. In 2018, there were 15 recipients of COAA for BC GCE ‘A’ Levels and 26 recipients of COAA for BC GCE ‘AS’ Levels, who are among government schools students.

The quality of our teachers has further proven that in recent years, local teachers have also been awarded with the Princess Maha Chakri Award.

The award is given to teachers with outstanding accomplishment and contributions to education, as well as human development in their home country. The award is a testimony that our teachers possess quality and credibility that are recognised internationally.

The MoE will continuously strive to bring about the best quality of education for our students.

The ministry will continue to hold various opportunities for the betterment of teachers and students and provide quality education in line with international education standards.

– Ministry of Education