Modern, spacious warehouses on offer at Sangai-Sangai Industrial Park

|     James Kon     |

BUSINESS owners and suppliers, who are looking for storage for their goods, or conducting manufacturing operations in a spacious and modern warehouse, have been invited to make use of the latest modern industrial warehouse in the Sangai-Sangai Industrial Park at Jalan Bengkurong Masin.

A perfect fit for light to heavy manufacturing undertakings such as heavy machining, metal fabrication and storage, 109 modern units of terraced warehouses are currently available at the park. Recently, four units were sold.

The warehouses are designed to allow for plenty of natural lighting and ventilation, on a site area of 15 acres that is adjacent to the Brunei River.

The area can accommodate parking of up to 110 vehicles, with a 7.5-metre wide internal driveway for easy trailer access and ample loading/unloading areas.

The terraced-type unit (Block G and H/Block D) comes with an upper-floor office and secured private outdoor rear compound. The land size is 0.063-0.13 acres, with a built-up area of 3,369-6,765 square feet/built-in area out of 2,379-4,840 square feet.

Completed in 2018, the Sangai-Sangai Industrial Park has a 60-year strata title, and is open for purchase to both local and foreign buyers.

Valor Property Agency, as the exclusive agent for the Sangai-Sangai Industrial Park, will be hosting a launching event on January 7-9, from 9am to 5pm. Interested parties may contact Valor Property to set up an appointment during the launching event.

The Sangai-Sangai Industrial Park warehouse. – VALOR PROPERTY