A modern re-imagining

Aziz Idris

Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare remains one of the best First Person Shooters (FPS) for the franchise and continues to drive momentum delivering new highs in multiplayer engagement for this generation of consoles.

Upon release last November, the title also featured crossplay and cross-progression support, and delivery of new post-release content free for players on all platforms.

It’s also a return to a more grounded, realistic military shooter after years of futuristic entries and gone are the days where players had advanced mobility mechanics by double-jumping or wall-running.

In the recent update Season 1 Battle Pass update, game developers offered players the ‘largest free content’ drop in the history of the franchise, offering even more content for the Modern Warfare community by providing new experiences for Multiplayer warriors and Special Ops soldiers alike.

Among the notable updates is the reintroduction of the nostalgic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare maps – Crash, Vacant and Shipment.

A scene from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. PHOTO: ACTIVISION

The game has been rebooted and features a campaign by developer Infinity Ward, along with help from other Activision studios, set out to reimagine a beloved franchise, and they certainly achieved that goal with both the gritty campaign and the addicting multiplayer modes.

The campaign focusses on the American CIA, British SAS, and freedom fighters uniting to oppose Russian forces that have invaded the fictional country of Urzikstan.

Once the story unfolds, the three ultimately united by a singular goal, each character provides different viewpoints of the war. This multi-character structure also keeps the story and gameplay from becoming repetitive.

Specifically, one mission set at night forces the player to make a series of gut-wrenching split decisions about who can be considered a combatant in the heat of the moment. The improved graphics only make these decisions more difficult given the level of detail in each character model. One of the new gameplay features is the ability to mount weapons to objects like door frames, walls, and crates. Mounting helps steady the shots and makes it easier to pick off enemies.

By mounting, players can execute an excellent way of creating cover during particularly nasty shootouts however, mounting doesn’t always guarantee the safety but it sure delivers more action.

But the iconic part of the game franchise for most players is the multiplayer mode – there are a multitude of modes available for fans of multiplayer.

Modes like Team Deathmatch, Free-for-All, Headquarters, Search and Destroy (now known as Cyber Attack) and Domination are largely unchanged from their previous iterations.

Things get interesting with 2 vs 2 Gunfight modes from the frantic gunplay to something decidedly more strategic. It places two teams into a relatively small arena with no health regeneration or respawning.

Ground War is the new large-scale multiplayer feature for the Call of Duty franchise with a 32v32 game mode each that sees each team trying to capture five capture points spread across a large map. Spec Ops makes its long-awaited return after lying dormant for many years. Operations revolve around a strike-team of four players working in tandem to complete the mission however they see fit.

This reimagining of Special Ops connects multiple intricate Operations together to continue the story of the game’s Campaign. It also includes Classic Special Ops, shorter experiences that should feel familiar to veterans of the franchise.

Special Ops shares custom loadout slots with Multiplayer and progression. Any Operator rank or weapon experience earned in Special Ops will carry over to Multiplayer and vice versa. Modern Warfare is also the first Call of Duty game to support Cross Play between PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC allowing friends to play together regardless of platform of choice.

There’s also support for Cross Progression in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, letting you transfer your data between platforms. Cross Progression works as long as the player has all of their accounts linked to a single Call of Duty & Activision account. The round up this award winning first person shooter game, they must also be award winning weapons of choice. From assault rifles to the infamous marksman rifles and launchers, The Modern Warfare’s weapons collections features dozens of returning and new guns to be wielded for everyone.

This franchise also featured customisable weapons available at the Gunsmith. This is the perfect place where players have the ability to experiment and tweak as much as possible to find the balance that best suits each playstyle. Weapons have between 50-71 levels, depending on the weapon. Each weapon features over
100 attachments.

While the game developers are still pouring out new game content through the Season 1 Battle Pass, two new guns – the first to be added since the game launched – which perhaps offer the biggest interest.

Coming to the game is the Ram-7 assault rifle and Holger-26 light machine gun – making it a total of 29 primary weapons and 10 secondary weapons on the game. Although the Battle Pass will have paid for stream of content, thankfully both weapons are available to unlock for free, simply by levelling up the Battle Pass.

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