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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
29 C
Brunei Town

MKM to distribute sungkai to less fortunate in Brunei, Bangladesh

Fadley Faisal

The Brunei Council on Social Welfare (MKM) will continue their sungkai food distribution programme for the less fortunate in Brunei and Bangladesh during Ramadhan this year.
The MKM’s programme has seen sungkai food distributed in Brunei since 2015 and expanded to Bangladesh in 2018.

A sungkai food pack in Brunei costs BND3 per meal while it is BND1.50 per meal for Bangladesh.

Around 500 food packs will be distributed to the students of the refugee school in Bangladesh, which the MKM manages, while any remaining will be distributed to the poor. About 100 of the students in MKM school for Rohingyan refugees are undergoing the Tahfiz programme which has produced 13 Hafiz and Hafizahs.

The sungkai distribution in Brunei is being managed by MKM’s Youth Wing who will liaise with the caterers, sort and label the food to be distributed and getting volunteers to assist in the distribution of the sungkai food. The recipients are all less fortunate families assisted by MKM and resides in all four districts.

Families who are able to, will collect the sungkai food from MKM’s office at Kampong Anggerek Desa while volunteers will send the rest.

This project as with all other charitable projects undertaken by MKM are made possible by public donations. MKM had started a donation drive started on March 4 and will end on the 22nd day of Ramadhan.

MKM President Mohd Yusof bin Halim said, “We had always received overwhelming response from the public for our Ramadhan projects which we are always thankful for.”

Last Ramadhan, MKM distributed sungkai food to 750 residents in Brunei for 15 days of Ramadhan and to 1,000 poor Bangladeshis and Rohingya refugees throughout the month.

MKM volunteers with Sungkai food donations that will be distributed to the less fortunate. PHOTO: MKM

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