MKM Legal and Advisory Clinic resumes

|     Fadley Faisal     |

THE Brunei Council on Social Welfare (MKM) Legal and Advisory Clinic will resume on July 24.

MKM’s Head of the Legal and Advisory Clinic Azril Anwar bin Ahmad said, “As usual, the clinic was closed for Ramadhan and Syawal and will now resume this Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm at the office of Yusof Halim & Partners.”

The clinic was launched on March 8, 2013 and operates weekly on every Wednesday evenings for 10 months in a year except for Ramadhan and Syawal.

The clinic provides assistance to the needy in their welfare needs including channelling them to the proper authorities in cases where they are entitled to any of the government welfare allowances. In deserving cases MKM will step in to financially assist them.

The clinic also provides legal advice and allocates lawyers to assist the needy ‘pro bono’ in court proceedings. All applicants will first be vetted on their means, their household income divided by the number of dependants in the household must be less than BND400 a month. MKM members will first verify the information provided by applicants. In legal matters before a case is agreed to be taken up ‘pro bono’, the lawyers assisting will first check the merits of the case.

Azril Ahmad said, “We had successfully taken more than 40 cases to courts and given legal advice in more than 400 cases. Our biggest challenge is to get more lawyers to assist us in this clinic. Currently we only have 12 lawyers in Yusof Halim & Partners and two lawyers from Ibrahim Al-Haj, Syariah Lawyers, assisting us. I urge more lawyers to give back to the society and join us in this ongoing charity cause.”