Missing hikers found after one-hour search

James Kon

Two foreigners who were lost while hiking at Bukit Tempayan Pisang, Kampong Kapok on May 4 were found unharmed.

The Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) received the call about the missing hikers at 7.53pm.

Nine firefighters from the Muara Fire Station and a special squad led by SO Murni bin Haji Misir rushed to the scene.

After an hour, the two hikers were found by their friend who joined the search. They came out of the area at 8.49pm the same day. Both hikers were unharmed.

The FRD recorded 10 calls in 2019 and six incidents from January to April this year to search for people reported lost, according to statistics.

The FRD reminded the public not to go hiking late in the evening or at night (after 7.30pm), to understand the weather pattern of the day, refrain from hiking alone and to inform family members or friends of where you are going to hike.

The FRD also advised the public to bring along whistles, mobile phones and water for
emergency use.

The public can contact FRD at 995 during an emergency.

The hikers with FRD personnel. PHOTO: FRD