Miscommunication causes embarrassing shopping experience

A FEW weeks ago (at the time of writing this letter), my husband received a letter from his bank reminding him of the expiration date of his Visa card and that the new one was ready for collection.

A few days later we went to the bank only to be informed that his new card will only be ready the week after.

I asked the teller whether we can still use the previous card.

The teller gave us full assurance that the card was still valid for any transaction until the end of the month.

A day later, we went to shop for groceries at a department store in Sengkurong.

Our bill amounted just over BND200 and my husband used his Visa card.

We were surprised when the cashier told us that the card was no longer valid since it was past its expiration date.

I told the cashier that the bank assured that the Visa card was still usable but the cashier insisted that their cash register could not validate the transaction.

I called the bank’s call centre, and after listening to my situation, I was told that the ‘new’ Visa cards had arrived that same morning and the bank might already have embossed my husband’s new card which automatically made the old one invalid.

I was embarrassed by the whole situation with a line of impatient customers waiting behind me. I told the operator that they should have informed us earlier to save from the embarrassing incident like what happened that evening.

It was a good thing that we carried some spare cash although I had to walk to the nearest ATM to make up for the remaining amount.

I believe the bank should have handled the situation better and cleared out any miscommunication since we had aired it out earlier.

My embarrassing experience clearly was not a justified one.

– Disgruntled Wife, Kg Sengkurong