Mexico’s President knocks US over vaccines

MEXICO CITY (AP) – Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador took a dig at the United States (US) government on Sunday, saying the US has not helped Mexico with coronavirus vaccines.

López Obrador thanked India and Russia, which have each sent small amounts of vaccines, and China, whose firms have promised millions of doses.

López Obrador said, “I hope that soon I will be able to say thanks to the US government, because I am sure they are going to help too, it is just that that haven’t done so far.”

Mexico has seen almost 195,000 deaths, and almost 2.2 million cases. The country has approved six vaccines, and has so administered about 4.34 million shots.

The White House has rebuffed requests from US allies, including Mexico, Canada and the European Union (EU), for vaccine doses produced in the US, where months of production runs have produced vaccine solely for use in the country.

The US is scheduled to have enough approved vaccine delivered by mid-May to cover every American adult.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. PHOTO: AFP