Mexico won’t accept minors awaiting US asylum claims

MEXICO CITY (AP) – The head of Mexico’s immigration agency said on Monday that his country won’t accept migrants younger than 18 while they await the resolution of their United States (US) asylum claims

National Immigration Institute Commissioner Tonatiuh Guillen also said Mexico won’t extend the policy beyond a single border crossing, the El Chaparral crossing in Tijuana.

Mexican officials had previously said the US expressed interest in extending the “remain in Mexico” policy to other border crossings. But Guillen said Mexico will accept only asylum seekers aged 18 to 60 at El Chaparral.

Mexico will accept migrants only from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, and will give them four-month visas.

Guillen said that since December 1, Mexico has given 3,983 transit visas to Central Americans, most of whom hope to reach the US. Mexico will also extend other work-visa programmes to apply to more Mexican states and more Central American countries.