Menu price hike temporary?

I have noticed certain restaurants hiking up the prices in their menu, justifying the move with limited meat supply as the reason. If the shortage is a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, I will be all for the price hike as the survival of these eateries depends on public support. However, if it is just an excuse to rake in more money, then perhaps the authorities will need to look into the matter.

I’m working in the public sector, living on near minimum wage. Due to the health crisis, good paying jobs are not easy to come by.

So if the COVID-19 outbreak has led to a higher cost of living, it will leave quite a number of us in dire straits, especially those who are unemployed.

Similarly, a lot of business owners outside of the food service industry have been struggling and having to resort to keeping the workforce to the bare minimum to protect the bottom line. This has resulted in a lot of us having to work longer hours for the same pay. Often, we have no choice but to buy takeaways instead of getting grocery from the supermarket and preparing food at home.

I hope these eateries have every intention of returning the prices to pre-COVID time, once the pandemic is dealt with. If the price hike was motivated by greed, the authorities would need to put a stop to the unethical conduct.