Men fined BND1,000 for stealing jackfruits

|     Fadley Faisal     |

IN A follow-up to the case that went viral on social media, two local men who stole jackfruits from an orchard were each ordered to pay a fine of BND1,000, or serve a month’s imprisonment in default.

DPP Aeny Zullizam informed Magistrate Pengiran Hazirah binti Pengiran Haji Mohd Yusof that Sumadi bin Haji Mohammad, 37, and Haji Azmey bin Haji Chuchu, 43, had been driving along Kampong Bebatik Kilanas at 2pm on July 1, when they saw the orchard.

The two men managed to acquire nine jackfruits and were stuffing them into a sack when they were approached by a passer-by.

The passerby questioned the two men and prevented them from leaving, before alerting the orchard owner, which led to a police report.

Police arrested the pair, and all nine of the stolen jackfruits were recovered.