A memory to last a lifetime for National Day oath reader

Aziz Idris

It was a proud moment for 26-year-old Mindplus Education Project Leader Muhammad Fatin Abdul Rahman bin Kifli, when he led 30,000 people in the reciting of the National Day oath yesterday.

Alhamdulillah, I feel blessed and grateful towards Allah the Almighty in being given the opportunity as leader for the oath-reading team this year,” he told the Bulletin, in an interview on the sidelines of the 36th National Day celebration at the Taman Haji Sir Muda Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien.

Muhammad Fatin said that the team began training last December, after undergoing a stringent selection process to ensure a smooth recitation of the oath for the nation.

He acquired new skills from qualified coaches during the training period, including vocal command, articulation and a proclamatory voice.

“Apart from that, we also engaged in physical training, such as jogging around the stadium while repeating the oath. For instance, we were required to jog one lap around the stadium, while memorising the pledge,” he said.

“Practising a healthy diet was also part of the training. We had to limit our consumption of greasy food and avoid ice-cold or too much drinks, especially those containing concentrated milk, which can affect the throat. We were even told to drink plenty of water, so that our air passages would be in top shape.”

Mindplus Education Project Leader Muhammad Fatin Abdul Rahman bin Kifli recites the National Day oath.

The oath-reading team members were also briefed by Brunei History Centre officers, so that they could explore and appreciate the history of Brunei’s independence.

“The process of choosing the right candidates was strenuous, involving the screening of several hopefuls,” recalled Muhammad Fatin, who admitted that being chosen to lead the oath-taking pledge took him entirely by surprise.

“During daily practice, we were expected to give our best. It was at those practice sessions that we established close bonds and supported each other, to bring a strong sense of appreciation to the National Day pledge,” he said.

Regarding this year’s National Day theme ‘Accomplishing the National Vision’, he said, “It has a very strong meaning for us, since we will be guiding the nation in the accomplishment of Vision 2035.”

Meanwhile, Muhammad Fatin is calling on youth to become the driving force for national development and as future leaders.

“As youth, we should not be shy to move forward in terms of development, inspiration and progress for the country, family and religion. Youth need to start, so that we can make these changes. Be independent, resilient and quick to address challenges that you may encounter,” he advised.

“Therefore, our youth need to cultivate a sincere love for their country, nationality and religious faith.”