Mel B wants to prove herself

MEL B is ready to ‘prove’ herself again.

The Spice Girls singer – who has children Phoenix, 19, Angel, 11, and seven-year-old Madison from previous relationships – has downsized her home after paying millions in court costs during her bitter divorce from Stephen Belafonte, who she has to pay 35,000 pound a month in spousal support, and though she’s lost almost all her fortune, she’s not “frightened” or “bitter” about her current situation.

She said, “The reality of my life now is that I live in a rented apartment with my girls.

“Most of my money I earned over the past decade has gone.

“But I’ve always been the breadwinner and I will continue to be the breadwinner and having to start over financially doesn’t frighten me.

“If anything, it makes me want to prove myself over again.

“I’m not bitter, I don’t look back, I just look forward.

“I have a beautiful apartment, my girls play the piano, Phoenix has a smaller apartment down the hall and I feel very blessed to be here.”

And the 43-year-old star feels “lucky” to love her work and is more than happy to keep pushing herself.

She added to Britain’s HELLO! Magazine, “I’ve always worked hard and I’ll continue to work hard because I love what I do.

“And if the price of freedom is to downsize to a smaller place, then it is absolutely worth it.

“I’m a working class girl from Leeds. My dad worked as a welder and never missed a shift in his life.

“My mum worked lots of different jobs, including as a sales assistant in C&A and as a helper in an old people’s home so that me and my sister could have dance lessons.

“I’m lucky that I have a job that I love and I’m lucky that I’m still working. I never forget that.” – BANG!