Meeting updates preparations for future events

Azlan Othman

The management of Indera SC (ISC) football team held a meeting to update the team’s preparations as a first step for the club to face the Brunei Super League (BSL) at the ISC office in Jerudong.

ISC Club General Manager Rosdin bin Haji Abdul Aziz chaired the meeting. He provided information on the post COVID-19 calendar of the competition this year as well as shared the protocol and standard operating procedure (SOP) throughout the league.

The general manager highlighted the transmission of COVID-19 which affected various aspects of the sport, but the ISC ensured that the club’s journey is on the right track.

The management also held discussions with the head coach by exchanging ideas in ensuring the welfare of the club’s players, officers and staff is taken care of.

ISC President Pengiran Anak Haji Mohd Yassin bin Pengiran Anak Safiuddin, ISC Head Coach, ISC Youth Development Head and ISC Financial Officer were also present at the meeting.

The BSL has been suspended and is waiting clearance before the tournament can resume.

Indera SC (ISC) football team management at the meeting. PHOTO: AZLAN OTHMAN