Meeting brief paintball teams on rules, regulations

|    Khairil Hassan    |

THE Managers Meeting for the 1st Brunei Darussalam Paintball Open 2019 was held at the RBTS Paintball Arena @ Jerudong of the Jerudong Sports Complex last night.

The meeting was to brief the participating teams on the rules and regulations by the head referee.

A total of 11 teams divided into two divisions will compete on Field 1.

The teams in Division 1 are NL Recda Waxers, Team Ignite, Satu, Raskal Sports and Leakside Jokerz Aisawan.

Division 2 consists of JTT, Huruhara Waxers, Team Raptor, GHRT Labuan, Valhalla and Devastation.

A total of 12 teams will compete in the Mechanical Division. They are Mambang Jr, BIA, Splatzone Pengayau, Setia Raja Waxers, BIBD, IGS, Magnifico Warrior 1, Minions, Magnifico Warrior 2, Vam BRN, Chaos Bandits and Minerva.

The opening ceremony will be held today at 8am.

The closing ceremony and prize presentation will be held tomorrow at 3.30pm.

Organisers and referees at the Managers Meeting. – KHAIRIL HASSAN