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Sunday, December 3, 2023
24 C
Brunei Town

Media workshop highlights automotive offerings

Lyna Mohamad

Media representatives from the Sultanate, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and the Philippines attended a virtual Lexus LX 600 Media Workshop hosted by Lexus Asia in collaboration with Lexus International yesterday.

The workshop aimed at allowing media to have a more personalised, productive and in depth question-and-answer session with LX Chief Engineer Takami Yokoo, who delivered a presentation on the LX 600.

The LX 600 had its world premiere unveiling previously in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Lexus has been committed to the spirit of innovation since its establishment. It continues to take up the challenge of providing new technologies and value.

The new LX embodies Lexus’ commitment to meeting customers’ diversifying needs and lifestyles.

As the end of October last year, the LX has sold a cumulative total of some 500,000 units in over 50 countries and approximately 3,000 units in over seven countries in Asia.

A screenshot of LX Chief Engineer Takami Yokoo during the workshop. PHOTO: LYNA MOHAMAD

Takami Yokoo shared that the new LX is designed to provide vehicle occupants with comfort, while maintaining a traditional body-on-frame structure to ensure reliability, durability, and driving performance.

The renewal of characteristics is achieved by adopting the new GA-F platform, realising a weight reduction of approximately 200 kilogrammes, and achieving a high-rigidity body developed though digital design methods. It is available in either a high-output, high-torque 3.5-litre V6 twin-turbo gasoline engine or a 3.3-litre V6 diesel twin-turbo engine.

Electronically controlled brakes (ECB) and an electric power steering (EPS) system are also adopted to contribute to improved environmental performance.

Compared to the previous model, an annual reduction of approximately 20 per cent of CO2 emissions is anticipated on a global cumulative basis, contributing towards a carbon-neutral society and the instrument panel features Lexus’ first dual display to promote a safer driving experience in harsh off-road environments.

The 12.3-inch upper screen and seven-inch lower screen display also features a Back Underfloor View, which displays the area beneath the rear part of the vehicle as a world first.

The new LX is more personalised with the VIP grade, designed with four independent seats for safe travel. In addition, the F Sport grade is also available, allowing drivers to experience sporty driving on winding roads.

Lexus’ first fingerprint authentication push-start switch contributes to reducing the risk of theft are meanwhile among other featured technologies.


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