Meat shortage is still ongoing

According to the Agriculture and Agrifood Statistics 2018, Brunei imported 1.29 million kilogrammes of frozen and chilled beef from Australia, and another 2.35 million kilogrammes of boneless buffalo meat from India.

From the statistics, it begs the question as to how much beef was produced last year.

Looking at the record, it is nowhere near the national demand.

Secondly, in October 2020, live cattle from an Australia supplier was brought in and slaughtered at a local abattoir to meet the demand for beef.

We have been ordering beef from the abattoir, yet not a single kilo has thus far been delivered. Similarly, our sister company, which produces value-added beef products, requires about 2,000 kilos of beef per month. Sadly, only 25 per cent of beef has been received.

Another importer has been waiting for the supply of beef since November 2020.

As such, we urge the authorities to find a workable solution to allow us to import meat, as per pre-COVID-19 period.

Local Meat Importer