McDonald’s BTS-meal frenzy sparks virus closures in Indonesia

JAKARTA (AFP) – More than a dozen Indonesian McDonald’s outlets were temporarily shuttered yesterday over virus fears as the chain’s new BTS meal deal sparked frenzied buying from fans in the K-pop mad country.

Jakarta and several other cities slapped closure stickers on at least 13 outlets that were deluged with online food-delivery drivers picking up a meal set named after the hugely popular Korean boy band.

“We temporarily closed four of six McDonald’s stores here in Semarang for a couple of days,” said Fajar Purwoto, the city’s public order agency head. “I don’t want Semarang to be in the COVID-19 red zone again”.

Indonesia is one of the hardest-hit nations in Asia.

Jakarta authorities did not respond to requests for comment. But local media said five stores in the capital were shut over BTS-meal orders.

The meal set of chicken nuggets, fries and a drink, first made available in Indonesia yesterday, has been on offer in dozens of countries since May.

Food delivery riders queue up at a McDonald’s outlet in Bogor to buy the new BTS-meal deal for fans in the K-Pop mad country. PHOTO: AFP