Mayweather has ‘zero interest’ in Pacquiao rematch

LOS ANGELES (AFP) – Floyd Mayweather has “zero interest” in coming out of retirement for a rematch with Manny Pacquiao after their money-spinning 2015 superfight, close confidante Leonard Ellerbe said on Wednesday.

Ellerbe, the Chief Executive of Mayweather Promotions, told the website that not even the prospect of another lucrative payday would tempt Mayweather back into the ring.

Mayweather is believed to have earned an estimated USD300 million from the points victory over Pacquiao, which remains the most lucrative fight in history and generated more than USD600 million revenue.

Pacquiao’s long-time trainer Freddie Roach said last week he would be keen for the Filipino icon to set up a rematch with Mayweather after a frustrating defeat in the first meeting.

However, while Mayweather will be at ringside for Pacquiao’s world title fight against Keith Thurman in Las Vegas tomorrow, Ellerbe said there is no chance of a rematch. “Floyd has no interest,” Ellerbe told boxingscene. “He has zero interest. He’s been doing this all his life. And after a while, you get burned out. He’s given the sport everything.”

Ellerbe said Mayweather was instead happy in his retirement.

“He’s very content,” Ellerbe said. “He’s living his best life. I just talked to him earlier today. We went over some business stuff. He’s travelling, spending time with his kids, spending time with his family.”

Floyd Mayweather Jr throws a punch at Manny Pacquiao during their 2015 ‘Fight of the Century’ match. – AFP