Matthew says Anne Hathaway a true friend

MATTHEW McConaughey admits Anne Hathaway is one of his few true friends in the movie business.

The Oscar-winning actor and Anne, 36, have reunited to star in the Steven Knight-directed thriller ‘Serenity’, having previously appeared together in ‘Interstellar’, and Matthew revealed they also have a good off-screen relationship.

He said: “For me, this business and relations at work are transitory.

“By design you’re closer with most people at the time when you’re working because it’s intense. You’re working together and then you go on a press tour and you’re around each other and you’re with each other’s families and then, poof, you go away. And I don’t have that many relationships that I maintain.

“Anne and I don’t call each other every week, (but) we do still keep in touch.”

Anne also admitted it was easier working with Matthew because of their history.

The brunette beauty told Den of Geek: “For me, it definitely helped knowing that we weren’t beginning on square one … that self-consciousness, maybe, that I feel when I’m getting to know someone, particularly someone I admire the way I do Matthew.

“It was nice to not have to go through that again. And to actually just go, okay, I know your process, you know my process.” – BANG!