Materialistic lifestyle invites greed, say Imams

Azlan Othman

Accumulating wealth will not lead to happiness in life. People are now becoming more materialistic, with a love of wealth and status, which makes them greedy. This can cause them to put their own interests ahead of others.

These were said by Imams at the Friday sermon yesterday.

The Imams said, “Those who are greedy will never feel fulfilled with what they have. They end up swindling and usurping other people’s wealth. They follow their desires, regardless of whether those lead to Halal or Haram resources. Such matters breed hatred, discontentment, quarrels, disunity, misunderstanding and revenge.

“Wealth gained from dubious sources or tainted with Haram practices will have negative consequences. Wealth is a test and an ornament of this world, which should be administered wisely.

“As Muslims, we are encouraged to earn a Halal income through proper means, rather than by deception or greed. Our own wealth is determined by Allah the Almighty.

“We must be content and thankful with what we have, and practise moderation in our lives. Let us pray then, that we and our families and those around us do not succumb to greed.”