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Marking national day with Khatam Al Quran

The Brunei Religious Officers Student Association (BruROSA) in collaboration with Brunei-Manchester Society (BruManch), Brunei-Edinburgh Society (EdinBru), Brunei-Nottingham Society (BruNotts) and Brunei-Southampton Society (BruSton) recently organised its annual Khatam Al-Quran ceremony in conjunction with the 38th National Day celebration.

The virtual event aimed to encourage students to incorporate Al-Quran reading as part of their daily routine and promote deeper understanding of Islam, while fostering ties between Bruneian students across the United Kingdom (UK) and Éire.

The event commenced with the recitation of Surah Al-Fatihah led by Financial Secretary of BruROSA Muhammad Faiq’Arif bin Haji Ibrahim, followed by a welcoming speech from guest of honour, Religious Officer of Brunei Students’ Unit Haji Muhammad Fahmi bin Haji Abbas.

It continued with the recitation of verses of Al-Quran led by Religious Officer of BruSton Muhammad Fikri bin Haji Ali, and Takhtim and Dikir Marhaban led by Danial Izwan bin Haji Norariffinihazalin and Awangku Izz Khan Fayyadh bin Pengiran Haji Mohd Hasreen from BruManch. Muhammad Fikri bin Haji Ali led the Doa Khatam.

The event concluded with a closing speech by Muhammad Fikri and recitation of Tasbih Kifarah and Surah Al-’Asr led by Head of the BruROSA media team Mohammad Rizwandy bin Ramli.

Khatam Al-Quran participants during the ceremony. PHOTO: BRUROSA

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