Margot Robbie says make-up in ‘Mary Queen of Scots’ made her ‘safe’

MARGOT Robbie felt “safer” wearing heavy make-up in Mary Queen of Scots.

The 28-year-old actress plays Queen Elizabeth I in the historical drama film, and Margot has admitted she relished her less-than-glamorous appearance in the film.

She shared, “I feel like I’m more hidden when I’m behind the make-up.”

Margot explained that her striking appearance in the movie also helped her performance, allowing the actress to detach her real-life self from her on-screen character.

Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph newspaper in Australia, Margot shared, “It makes me feel safer in some ways. I actually feel more vulnerable when I’m dressed similarly to myself. It’s also harder to disassociate myself from the character.

“But playing Queen Elizabeth, I didn’t recognise myself, and obviously, I didn’t sound like myself. So the process of becoming her gave me time to stop being myself and made it easier to transform.”

Margot stars in the movie alongside Saoirse Ronan, who plays the part of Mary Stuart.

And Saoirse recently revealed that being asked to lead the movie by director Josie Rourke helped her in both a “personal and professional sense”.

She said, “Making the film was brilliant for me in a personal as well as a professional sense.

“I was being prepared to be thrown out into the world in a way I hadn’t been before. With that comes fear. The fear of having to make decisions that hadn’t really been laid on me before.

“The kind of decisions that weren’t going to make that person over there happy, but one that’s right for me. Honestly playing Mary gave me that strength.

“Ultimately when it came to work, I always knew what I wanted to do and what I didn’t want to do. But it’s very easy to say this is the thing I want to do, and hard to say this isn’t what I want to do.” – BANG!