Manage time wisely, say Imams

Azlan Othman

The value of time and using it wisely were emphasised in yesterday’s Friday sermon.
“Those who let time pass by without any meaningful acts and neglect their obligations to Allah the Almighty are losers,” said Imams while delivering the sermon.

“Our time in this world is temporary, and so we must manage our time wisely. There are many things that we can occupy our time with, including performing good deeds; gaining knowledge; planning for the future; engaging with family members; and improving oneself, one’s family members, the community and the country.

“Time is precious and passes so quickly, without us realising it. Therefore, we should spend our available time on beneficial activities. Those who do not fill their time with meaningful pursuits will find themselves at a real loss. Therefore, we must value our time, use it wisely and avoid wasting it on meaningless activities. We will all be questioned in the hereafter, as to whether we have used Allah the Almighty’s gifts or favours in the best possible way.”