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Man renovating home finds previous resident’s letter from 1982

UPI – A British man renovating his home looked behind a cupboard and found a letter written by a 14-year-old former resident in 1982.

Carl Skivington said he was clearing out a room in his Burton-upon-Trent, England, home for renovations when he discovered an envelope concealed behind a cupboard.

“We were really shocked actually. My partner and I were turning the box room into a nursery as my partner is 15 weeks pregnant. It had like one of these weird, pre-built cupboards in the corner which I decided I wanted to take out,” Skivington told Staffordshire Live. The envelope contained a letter signed by 14-year-old Deborah Stokes in 1982.

Stokes wrote about the state of the world in the time she was writing the letter, including the prices of milk and bread. She wrote that her favourite bands were Haircut One Hundred and The Boomtown Rats, and asked the finder if the groups were still around.

“I hope the world is a better place by the time you see this. I like to think it will be,” the girl wrote.

Skivington posted photos of the discovery to Facebook, and the photos were shared and eventually came to the attention of the author, now named Deborah Dishman.