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Man pronounced dead over 12 hours after being seen ‘sleeping’

ANN/THE STRAITS TIMES – When cleaning supervisor Liu Zhen Guang arrived for work at a Singaporean hawker centre at 9am on Sunday, he spotted a man who appeared to be sleeping at a table.

But the 66-year-old did not think too much about it. After all, it is common to see people sleeping at the tables at the North Bridge Road Market and Food Centre in the afternoon after busier periods, stall holders told Shin Min Daily News.

But at 8pm, Liu called for help when the supposedly sleeping man did not respond when he shook and spoke to him.

The 56-year-old man was pronounced dead more than 12 hours after he was first spotted.

Several stall owners also said they noticed the man sleeping at the table near a drinks stall and that he was first spotted at the hawker centre at about 3am on Sunday.

One of them, who did not want to be named, told Shin Min he saw a bowl of noodles on the table when he arrived for work in the morning.

At about 8pm, when Liu was about to wash the floors, a diner reminded him to wake the man up.

Liu told Shin Min that he shook the man and spoke to him for about three minutes before realising that the man did not respond.

So he called for help, and was told by the emergency dispatcher to check whether the man was breathing.

He was not.

The deceased was removed at 11pm after investigations. PHOTO: THE STRAITS TIMES
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