Man injures 20 kids with hammer in Chinese primary school

BEIJING (AP) — A 49-year-old man injured 20 children with a hammer yesterday inside a primary school in China’s capital, officials said.

Three of the children have serious but non-life-threatening injuries, the Xicheng district government said on its social media account, adding that the attack took place at 11.17am.

The suspect, surnamed Jia, was apprehended at the scene, the statement said.

A native of northern Heilongjiang province, Jia was employed through a labour service company to perform daily maintenance work at the school. His contract was set to expire this month and had not been renewed.

As an expression of his dissatisfaction, Xicheng district said, Jia wielded a hammer that he normally used for work to injure students during a class.

All the harmed children were receiving hospital treatment.

The school, Beijing number one Affiliated Elementary School of Xuanwu Normal School, was founded in 1908. According to the school’s website, it has 2,537 students and 199 teaching personnel.

Many schools in China have beefed up security following violence against students and family members.

A woman walks away with a child as they leave the Beijing number one Affiliated Elementary School of Xuanwu Normal School near the crime scene while investigators carry evidence bags. – AP